This Beginner’s Course is a great place to start. The introduction to American Tribal Style (ATS)  introduces students to the basic vocabulary of movements, combinations and cues of American Tribal Style belly dance. Each class students will continue to learn new dance vocabulary with cues, work on developing good core strength and dance posture, review previous class materials, as well as practice group improvisational dancing. All students will learn to both lead and follow, gaining confidence through practice and the support of their fellow dancers.  Using both slow movements and fast steps we’ll get you dancing in your first class.

Beginner’s Course Syllabus:

  • Week 1 – Posture, Moving Meditation, Taxeem, Hand Floreo,
  • Week 2 – Arm Undulations, Arabic Step, Formations for leading and following: DUET.
  • Week 3 – Bodywave, Egyptian Step, Formations: TRIOS
  • Week 4 – Torso Rotation, Hip Bump/Pivot Bump/Choo Choo w/Arm 1 and arm 2, Review formations with all steps.
  • Week 5 – Circle Step, Shimmy Step, Formations: QUARTETS
  • Week 6 – Single Bump, Reverse Turn, Zils
  • Week 7 – Double Bump, Propeller Turn, Revision incl. Zils
  • Week 8 – Reach and Sit, Corkscrew Turn, Revision incl. Zils
  • Week 9 – Chico 4 Corners, Box Step, Revision incl. Zils
  • Week 10 – Music theory, Cues, Revision


Our Next Beginner’s Course is about to commence.

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Most students repeat the Beginner’s Class at least twice before moving into post-beginners.  You are welcome to move into Post-Beginners, after only one Beginner’s Class, but you will find it challenging.

If you are able, your most successful option would to take repeat the Beginner’s Class at the same time as moving into Post-Beginners.  That way, you are taking two hours of dance back to back.  You are able to learn more from the Beginner’s Class that you didn’t catch the first couple times and you can really delve deeper into the material presented.



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