My Work is my Love!

Instructor Katrina Keane is an experienced performer and accomplished ATS belly dancer. Katrina has been a dancer for many years, having studied not only ATS Belly dancing, but Cuban Salsa, Dominican Bachata and Indian Bollywood styles of dancing.

Katrina started as a student and then became a performer with her parent dance troupe ‘Miasma Belly Dance‘ for many years and has performed in many venues and events across the State. Whilst an accomplished dancer across many styles and genres, ATS bellydancing remains her true passion.

Katrina traveled to New South Wales and completed her American Tribal Style General Skills Certificate training under ATS creator Carolena Nerricio and this training, combined with her experience as a performer with Miasma Belly Dance, along with her winning personality  makes her an excellent teacher.   Her friendly nature creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere where students are inspired to learn and grow. She uses her wealth of experience in a variety of techniques to make dancing accessible and develop understanding, confidence and creativity.

Katrina teaches weekly classes right in central Hobart. Her goal is to help you discover the joy of dancing!



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