Welcome to our Hobart Belly Dance Studio

Welcome to Miasma Belly Dance South, Hobart’s premier Belly Dance Studio.


Miasma Belly Dance South is Hobart’s only troupe dedicated to teaching and representing pure American Tribal Style® Belly Dance to the Hobart and Southern Tasmaian community. W We enjoy dancing together as a troupe and we also enjoy dancing with other ATS® students and groups in the community and look forward to performance opportunities as well as social dancing events such as community events or Haflas.  

We offer a range of classes in ATS® Belly Dance and choreographer incorporating props such as sword, zills. With classes from beginners through to advanced, all ages and fitness levels, whether you are dancing just for fun, fitness or to advance in your technique to a performance level, we have something for everyone.

Dancing, dancing & dancing

If you find gyms scary, pretentious or just rather dull and lifeless then belly dancing may be for you! In belly dance class, you will develop your body awareness and co-ordination, and enhance your confidence and creativity as well as core strength and fitness. However it’s not “bellyrobics” and it’s not about getting a sweaty workout. Instead, we aim to teach you to dance safely, beautifully and with joy.

Our classes are fun, friendly and inspiring. Come with a friend or alone – unlike other dance forms, no partner is required. Our teachers and students come from a variety of backgrounds, all sharing a common love of dance and teaching.


All for dancing

We place our focus on technique, safety, enjoyment and appreciation. Class sizes are small enough to guarantee individual attention so you can get your technique right from the very start. Emphasis is on learning basic bellydance moves, technique and correct posture. Belly dance lessons are great for improving self confidence, weight loss, toning and developing coordination. We are not only passionate about the art of belly dancing but also about you!

Our Classes – all you need to find the joy and passion in dance!


Our Instructors – our Team for your success!